Managing Videos

This topic provides an overview of how to manage videos in a Video Cloud account.

To access the videos in your account, login to Video Cloud Studio and click Media in the primary navigation.

By default, the videos in the account will be displayed as a series of cards. The view icons at the top of the page can be used to switch between card view and list view.

Using card view

To view the videos in the account as a series of cards, click the card view icon at the top of the page.

Each card will display the following information:

  • Video poster image
  • Video length
  • Video title
  • Created date and time
  • Number of video tags

Hovering over a card will display the video ID and tags. The action button on the card can be used to:

Using list view

Click the list view icon at the top of the page to view a list of videos in the account.

The body of the page will display the following:

  • Title and video ID
  • Tags - If all the tags cannot be displayed, a number representing the number of additional tags will be displayed. Hover over the number to see the additional tags.
  • Created date and time
  • Last updated date and time

Sorting the list

Clicking on a column name will sort the list by that column. An arrow will appear next to the column name to indicate ascending or descending order.

Filtering videos

The filter controls at the top of the page can be used to filter the video list.

Filtering on tags

Click the TAGS dropdown and enter a list of tags to filter the video list. Select an operator:

  • Match any - Include videos that have one or more of the tags listed
  • Match all - Include videos that have all the tags listed

In the following example, only videos with a tag of birds or animals will be listed.

Click Clear filter to clear the tag filter. Click Clear all to clear all filters.

Filtering on created or modified date

Click the MORE dropdown and select Date created or Date modified.

After a date is selected, the dropdown will update to display a list of date ranges.

Select a fixed date or select a custom date option and use the calendar control to select a date or date range. To find videos that were created or updated before a given date, select Custom date range and then enter only a From or To date depending on what you are searching for. For example, to find all videos created on or after June 1, 2022, select Date created and then select Custom date range. Enter a From date of June 1, 2022 and leave the To date empty.

Filtering on custom fields

Click the MORE dropdown, a list of custom fields will appear in the list.

If a List type custom field is selected, the corresponding list of values for that custom field will appear. Click on one or more values to filter the videos. If a Text type custom field is selected, enter the appropriate text to filter the videos.

Uploading videos

To upload videos to the account, do one of the following:

  • Drag files from the file system to the Media page; the whole Media page becomes the drop zone
  • Click + Add video and then click Select files to open a file picker
  • Click + Add video and then click Upload from URL to upload a file from a remote URL

For more information on uploading videos, see Uploading Videos.

Editing video details

To edit the video details, click on the video card (card view) or the video name (list view) to open the video details page. For more information, see Editing Video Details.

Embedding videos on a webpage

The Media page provides the ability to generate embed code that is needed to embed a video on a webpage. For more information, see Embedding a Video on a Webpage.

Publishing videos to social media sites

The Media page provides the ability to publish videos to social media sites. For more information, see Publishing Videos to a Social Media Site.

Deleting videos

To delete a video, click on the action menu and click Delete. Click Delete again to confirm the deletion.

The Search field at the top of the page can be used to search the videos in the account. The following video fields will be searched:

  • Video ID
  • Name